Corporate Social Investment

As part of AOS’s social initiatives, it engages in various projects that it deems worthy.

Corporate Social Responsibility


AOS places tremendous value on corporate social responsibility, and has proudly supported Ekukhanyeni Relief Project’s since 2011.

The Ekukhanyeni Relief Project was founded in 2005 with the aim of addressing sustainable development through community-based projects which establish and nurture integrated programmes that improve the capacity of vulnerable communities in urban and pedi-urban settings.

This is achieved through sustaining food security and providing effective early childhood care to its children and adult support network. AOS’s has partnered with Ekukhanyeni in the Early Childhood Development initiative in Lawley Ext 3 (City of Johannesburg’s Region G).

Initially our efforts were directed at 2 of the 16 participating crèches (approximately 40 children), through financial sponsorship for suitable infrastructure, learning aids and additional hands to assist with maintenance as required (through volunteers from within our own organisation).

However the focus shifted at the beginning of 2012 when AOS became the proud sponsor of an Early Childhood Development programme across all 16 crèches, touching the lives of over 400 3 – 4 year old children fondly known as “Vukani Kids” meaning “Rise and Shine”.

As of 2016, AOS has directed its sponsorship to the Grade R Action Kids Programme, which encompasses an integrated skills development programme for ages 5 to 6, as well as a an ECDP SETA Accreditation for the care-takers and teachers, contributing to adult skill development within the Lawley Community.

This ECD programme has been instrumental in developing not only adequate infrastructure for these previously ‘backroom crèches’, but has also up-skilled the care-givers to better protect and care for the children as well as providing the children with a formal learning curriculum to ensure that they develop the necessary skills to equip them for easy transition into mainstream schooling.

It is through the passion, dedication and love of all involved, that these children are provided with a much needed foundation upon which they can continue to build their education, confidence, inspiration and hope.

AOS High School Student Sponsorship

AOS has sponsored a previously disadvantaged learner in financial need and based on their junior school academic performance, to attend a top high school in Johannesburg from Grade 8 through to Grade12.

Enterprise Development

Amanda’s Appetizing Snack Shop

At the beginning of 2008, AOS became actively involved with Amanda Mojapelo, a single mother from a previously disadvantaged background, in the set-up of her business, “Amanda’s Appetising Snack House”.

Providing Ms Mojapelo with rent-free premises; kitchen equipment and the necessary training and on-going business guidance, she has established a small business from which she now derives an income to support her family.