Itransact – Investment Product Distribution Platform

Itransact is a boutique investment product platform specializing in the distribution of securities based, low cost passively managed investment products –

Itransact has two primary functions;

  1. To provide passive investment product suppliers, who wish to outsource the distribution of their products via a national network of professional independent financial advisors who are supported by skilled business development consultants;
  2. To provide professional financial advisors with a unique investment product platform that brings together a multitude of innovative passive investment products and their benefits (such as Exchange Traded Funds – or “ETFs” for short) from South Africa’s best known asset managers and banks in one convenient place.

Itransact provides cutting edge post sale investor services in the form of a fully integrated investor information and reporting portal made available to investors via their personal computers and/or mobile devices.

Amongst various other competencies, Itransact’s  core specialty is focused around its capability to administer and distribute securities related products such as exchange traded funds [ETFs] and notes [ETNs],Discretionary ETF Portfolios, Regulation 28 ETF Portfolios for retirement products, unit trusts and tailor made structured products with capped and uncapped upside potential together with capital protection.

Itransact also offers multiple cash collection methods such as standard recurring debit order collections, once-off single premium collections and payroll/paypoint collections.