Welcome to AOS

Automated Outsourcing Services (AOS) is an independent third party financial services company who has established itself as a leader in providing customised fund administration, business and technology solutions to the financial services sector via various outsource models, specialised technology, methodologies, and highly skilled employees.

AOS has offices in South Africa, Guernsey and Mauritius.

AOS provides a diverse and innovative range of professional fund administration products and services that enable companies to:

  • Focus on and redirect capital to their core business activities.
  • Reduce costs in systems, human resources, office space and training.
  • Gain access to globally recognized and accepted administration systems and capabilities.
  • Access expert business processes and technology consultants.
  • Enjoy peace of mind through professional business continuity services, with real time offsite backups.
  • Outsource their administrative risk yet retain control of the outcome.