Local and Offshore Fund Solution

AOS has a stake in a local CIS management company (Itransact Fund Managers) and has the ability to offer local white labeling opportunities in both the traditional CIS and the new hedge fund space.

AOS also has a majority stake in a low-cost passive indexation fund manager, Index Solutions. Index Solutions is able to construct portfolio solutions by blending existing passive indexation funds such as exchange traded funds, Index Solution’s own index funds or directly tracking indices which diversify across the major domestic and selected foreign asset classes – www.indexsolutions.co.za.

AOS has an offshore white labeled fund structure domiciled in Guernsey and set-up in the form of a protected cell company (The Offshore Mutual Fund PCC Limited). Potential clients wanting an offshore fund without the set-up cost, time to market and other constraints in setting up their own fund can “rent a cell” in the ready-made AOS structure. The client acts as the investment advisor to their own cell or sub-fund, which can be branded as the client wishes. The structure is FSCA approved should the client wish to seek approval for marketing their sub-fund in South Africa.