AOS has a unique blend of state of the art, internationally recognised and supported core systems as well as complex in-house developed administration systems in its environment.


PFS-PAXUS is an integrated application system intended specifically for use by the hedge fund & asset administration industry. Unlike other applications that are in use in the industry which were intended for banks or conventional fund management situations, PFS-PAXUS was designed specifically with the needs of the hedge fund administration industry. Major gaps in existing systems such as multi-series unit pricing, partnership allocation, administration fee calculation, management fee calculation, incentive fees, high watermarks, hurdle rates and equalisation are all supported by PFS-PAXUS.


The Securities Investment Platform is an integrated application system intended specifically for use by the securities and exchange traded fund industry. This unique system caters for the complexities surrounding the specific needs of securities and ETN products. The system offers a well defined workflow system which is vital for day to day processing of these complex products. The system maintains integral procedures such as distributions, management fees and realignments. SIP was designed to handle rapid deployment of securities and ETN products.

PFS Connect

PFS-Connect is a real-time 24/7 web portal that enables fund managers, investors and other authorised third parties to access their information online by communicating directly with the PFS Paxus database providing users with access to the latest available information including a dashboard, fund data, portfolio analysis, documents, graphs and much more. Most configuration options are maintained in the core PFS Paxus database, ensuring seamless integration, minimal IT support requirements, maximum reliability and ease of use.