Tailor Made Structured Products Solutions

AOS provides a turnkey specialist service that administers, supports and distributes tailor made retail structured products on behalf of investment product suppliers who wish to outsource the distribution of their structured products to investors via a national network of professional independent financial advisors who are supported by skilled business development consultants.

Our tailor made structured product administrative service is unique in South Africa and is perfect for structured product providers who wish to offer investors non-traditional growth and income investment solutions that participate in mechanisms such as indices and/or listed and unlisted securities which offer innovative overlay-benefits that consist out of combinations of capped and uncapped upside potential with partial and/or full capital protection benefits.

AOS’s structured product capabilities extend across multiple product types such as equity products which are designed to deliver asset growth as well as to provide a level of capital protection to yield enhancing products which are designed to produce targeted returns while minimising the risk of capital loss. These products can be linked to both the credit of specific entities or in some cases equity Indices and commodity products which are designed to provide investors access to the growth potential of commodities as an asset class as either an alternative or as a complement to their existing investment portfolios.